Revolutionize Your Workout

The perfect combination of world class training, customized workouts, and performance based feedback.

BaziFIT Starter Kit: PRE-ORDER


Pre-Order BaziFIT and have a chance to join the Beta Program! The Starter Kit includes the Bazi1 Sensor, equipment adapters, and a one month subscription to our virtual personal training system.

Get 12 months Subscription with the BaziFIT Pro Kit!

Beta Access

Pre-order now and get beta access to BaziFIT.

Order now at this special pre-order price and be on the ground floor of a fitness revolution. Get all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. Follow your favorite fitness pro and get their unique workouts customized for you. With BaziFIT, it's like your trainer is right there with you. We count reps, track form, and give instant feedback and motivation to power up your fitness goals. *

Buy now at this limited pre-order price! Select pre-orders will receive beta access to early releases, new products, and unique fitness routines. Those lucky few will get a beta test sensor and immediate access to the virtual training platform. Your feedback is critical and you’ll have the opportunity to help us fine tune the user experience!

*Subscription to the BaziFIT service is $9.99 a month after bundled service expires.

Rep Counting

Record each rep and get analytics on every set, every workout.

Real-time Feedback

Know how you are doing instantly! Data is collected and analyzed while you work out.

Custom Workouts

Choose from customized programs or quick, single-session workouts and progressions.

Equipment Integration

Designed to fit various styles of equipment, BaziFIT is versatile and adaptable.

Better Training

Get better data by attaching the BaziFIT sensor directly onto gym equipment.


Analyze every movement and see real-time scoring as you work out.

Professional Training

World class trainers, specialized coaching and professional training at your fingertips.

Connect with Trainers

Connect with Trainers that build customized workouts and programs for you.

Included with purchase

Beta Access

Pre-order now and get beta access to the BaziFIT training system.

Micro-USB Cable

Your BaziFIT is shipped with a Micro-USB charging cable.

Equipment Adapters

Our Barbell/Suspension cord attachment and BosuTM Ball adapter are included.

60 Day Guarantee

We have a 60-Day money back guarantee.

Guided Fitness Programs, Designed for You

Choose from a selection of trainers worldwide and from many different fitness backgrounds.

No boundaries! Training from World Class Professionals, anytime, anywhere.

BaziFIT enables fitness professionals to virtual train you from anywhere, anytime. Select your favorite BaziTrainer or one that jives with you and you fitness style.

Guided workouts, built by your trainer, and customized by our AI.

Simple but robust workout programs from your trainer. Customized programs designed for you by our AI. Seamless guidance throughout your entire workout. Instant feedback for reps, form analysis and more.

Data driven feedback to provide true results.

BaziFIT delivers best-in-class performance data by attaching to your equipment as you workout. Watch reps being recorded in real-time, get feedback analysis instantly and see how you are doing with our intuitive LED system. Our BaziScore easily shows you real results over time in one easily understandable metric.

A Device Powered by Precision Data

Our sensor attaches directly to fitness equipment, rather than the body, because the best performance data is gathered from the object your force is applied to. We are so obsessed about getting the best data, we went to the source. Not only are we collecting data from the sensor, we process it on the device, guaranteeing the best quality data.

Equipment Integration

Designed to fit various styles of equipment, BaziFIT is versatile and adaptable.

Bluetooth TM Connectivity

Connect easily with BluetoothTM access.

Long Lasting Battery

A next-generation Lithium Polymer battery powers through your workouts and charges quickly.

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Visual Feedback

Our unique visual feedback system is powered by high-efficiency LEDs and instantly shows your progress.

Adapter Attachments

You’ve got options with magnets, non-slip strap and balance ball adapters.


Designed to take a beating in and out of the gym.

What Equipment Works with BaziFIT?

With you BaziFIT you get a real personal training experience on your terms. Just choose your trainer to get customized programs and real results.

Barbells & Dumbells

Attach magnetically or with our intiutive strap system. Record reps, velocity, see instant feedback and much more..

Balance Boards & Balls

Capture your balance analytics and data! We built a specific attachment for the Ball and Board workouts.

Suspension Cords & Straps

The first performance data analytics device for suspension straps! Try it out today and record your suspension workouts and analytics.

What's coming!

Make all your gym equipment smart. Right now we are testing Kettle Bells, Cable Machines and many other types of fitness equipment. We want BaziFIT on all fitness equipment!