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Who We are & What We are About

BaziFIT started with a couple of napkin drawings and a sharp obsession to help people do the right workout the right way. We connect personal trainers to their clients like never before, and deliver workout data and feedback like never thought possible.

Our Story

BaziFIT believes that better data equals better training. We’re so obsessed with data, so we went directly to the source. We took the exercise sensor off the body and integrated it directly onto the common workout equipment we used every day.  

Our Philosophy

Our team was founded on an idea to a make personal training truly personal and available to everyone. Based in Boulder Colorado, we’ve assembled a world-class team that spans backgrounds, areas of expertise, and the globe. We’re here to connect you with fitness professionals and personal trainers all over the world. We’re here to help you push past your goals and do amazing things. We’re here to make virtual personal training a reality.

What Makes BaziFIT Different?

The human wrist moves in dynamic, complex ways. This creates a problem when exercise data is drawn from traditional wrist-worn sensors. Their data is murky and rife with outliers and false readings. BaziFIT makes traditional gym equipment smart and delivers cleaner, more accurate data.

Virtual Personal Training

With live rep counting, 3D motion capture, and instant workout feedback, the BaziFIT ecosystem is designed to deliver personal training to everyone and at a fraction of the cost. Working out is a celebration of what your body can do. We provide the motivation and customized training programs meat every customer’s unique fitness goals.

Better Data, Better Training

BaziFIT delivers cleaner, better data by integrating directly with the gym equipment we use every day. We make traditional gym equipment smart so our customers can reach their fitness goals.

Instand Feedback on Form & Performance

BaziFIT offers reliable rep counting, reads tremor to gauge fatigue, and tracks 9 directions of movement to accurately score performance, progress, and form.

A Guided Experience

The BaziFIT App customizes training programs in an intuitive, personalized format. It tracks past workouts, scores progress, and motivates with a point system to unlock new games, challenges, and achievements.

A New Way to Deliver Fitness Content

We’ve created a platform to connect personal trainers to their clients like never before. Our combination of hardware sensors, sophisticated software and machine learning give users all the benefits of a real life personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

A Ecosystem Designed for Results

We’ve created an fitness ecosystem designed to help personal trainers reach more clients, and for our customers to improve their health and well-being like never before.

Easy Online Training Management

The BaziFIT Trainer Portal gives personal trainers easy, free access to client management software and lets them design customized training programs to fit their unique fitness brand.

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Press and Recognition

9 News Logo

FOX 31 & Channel 2 Segment

Stay tuned to FOX 31's ‘Everyday Fit’ and Colorados Channel 2 "Fitness Friday" in May 2018 for an inside look at BaziFIT.

5280 Logo

5280 Magazines
"Denver's Digital Health Boom"

Read about BaziFIT and the burgeoning fitness tech industry in Colorado’s Front Range.

Telluride Venture Accelerator Logo

Telluride Venture Accelerator

TVA was a great opportunity for BaziFIT to get things off the ground and start building our revolutionary system.

Club Industry Logo

Club Industry Presentation
"The Future of Wearable Tech"

BaziFIT CEO Tallis Salamatain addressed attendees of Chicago Club Industry trade show about the future of wearable tech.

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Have some questions? Ask away. Want to know more about the BaziFIT system and how it works? Ask us about the device, how to become a personal trainer, or about our plans to grow and expand the system. We’re happy to talk you.

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