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    Know Your Members.
    Your Trainers.
    Your Business.
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    Keep clients.
    Increase engagement.

BaziFIT enabled gyms

Power up your gym to the next level and make traditional
equipment smart with BaziFIT.
Offer greater service options and tools to promote your
member’s fitness and safety.

Gain valuable data and insights into how your members
work out and use your equipment.


Track and apply valuable usage data about numerous aspects of your members and how they work out in your gym.

Group Feedback

Enable easier group instruction with instant visual feedback in training classrooms.

New Revenue

Offer digital services and virtual training in addition to you exisiting offerings.


Get visual feedback on your members habits and forms and help promote a safe, effective gym environment.

Easily power up your gym

The BaziFIT system is easy to use and implement. Your trainers sign-up and create accounts to load workouts and programs for clients. Clients subscribe to your gym or individual trainers and get customized workouts from our AI. Our advanced algorithms, machine learning and virtual training platform take all the hard work out of training.

Give your clients instant feedback, motivation and analytics. Give your trainers real data and easy training management tools.

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Your fitness brand in the home gym

Take your fitness training from your club and into user's gyms.

On-demand content

Give users on-demand training videos, advice, tips and more.

Enhanced Classes and Group Instruction

Engage the whole group and offer instant feedback and insight.

BaziFIT's benefits

Cut that New Year's drop-off in half with the increased retention and engagement BaziFIT can offer. Get valuable insights like daily usage,
popular equipment, user drop-offs and many more.

Motivate and excite your users.

Train with real data and power up your gym or club today!

Gain Retention

Give your users accurate analytics, instant feedback and your trainers real data to work with.

Increase Engagement

Motivate your clients and trainers like never before. Offer analytics and realtime feedback in classes.

Valuable Insights

See valuable insights and easily understood data on your gym.

Why should I join?

Gain valuable insights about your clients and gym usage.

Equipment integration

Turn your traditional weight training equipment into fitness analytic machines.
Challenge your members with balancing exercises to promote stabilizer muscle growth.
Get instant feedback on stability and balance with suspension training exercises.


free weight exercises

Monitor form, balance and overall control on barbell exercises.


balance exercises

Measure 9 directions of movement to take your balance workouts to the next level.


suspension cords exercises

Vibration sensitivity gives accurate feedback and coaching for suspension cables.

Cable machines and dumbbells coming soon!
Our team is working hard to add more equipment and exercises.

White Label Solutions

BaziFIT offers white label solutions for gym/club data analytics, class and group instruction, web apps and mobile apps. See what we can do for you today and contact us now.

Please send us an email or use the contact form below to get in touch with our business development team.

Bazifit's iOS app dashboard screen

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Gain valuable insights about your clients and gym usage.

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