Welcome to virtual personal training

Train anytime, anywhere with world class coaching.


The BaziFIT App connects you to personal trainers, collects and analyzes data, and provides a virtual training experience.
Get the full personal training experience by selecting a trainer and inputing your goals and health metrics.
In a time crunch? Load a quick workout with Workout of the Day or the Workout Library.

Work out your way

Your pace, your place. On-the-go or planned routines anytime and anywhere.

Choose your trainer

World class trainers, specialized coaching and professional training at your fingertips.

Plan your workouts

Choose from complete programs and routines or quick, single-session workouts and progressions.

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Manage your profile

Create your account and set your goals and health metrics.

Real-time feedback

Know how you are doing instantly! Data is collected and analyzed while you work out.

Track your progress

See how you did on every exercise and workout. Evaluate your score, form and movements.

iOS App coming very soon!

The Android app is in development and will be released later this year.

Coming Soon.
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In Development.
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Setup is a breeze

Input your goals, metrics and select a trainer.
Our system will automatically find the best program for you.
That's it!

Your info

With BaziFIT it's as simple as a few clicks to input your goals and metrics.

Trainer Selection

Selecting a Trainer allows you to subscribe and automatically receive the best program based on your goals.

Start Training

Train with custom workouts, built for you, in minutes with BaziFIT.

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Be one of the first to Train, Analyze and Progress to your potential!

Your workout, anytime, anywhere

Our system is built with your goals in mind. Workout anytime, anywhere and at your pace. Our algorithms and machine learning are built to adapt and give you the easiest progression to meet your goals. Find the perfect trainer for your fitness style, attach BaziFIT and rock on!

We are working hard to get BaziFIT in gyms and clubs across the country. Let your gym or club know if you want them to offer BaziFIT's services.

Bazifit's iOS app dashboard screen

Training Simplified

Easy Setup

Create your account, set your goals and input your metrics.

Find a Trainer Instantly

Discover trainers ready to give you professional results.

Intelligent and Intuitive Programs

Our AI builds programs and workouts automatically!

Fitness training from pros worldwide

Train with pro athletes, olympic trainers, fitness gurus, athletic coaches and more.

Find training plans and fitness routines you couldn't access before. World class trainers and fitness professionals constantly add programs and workouts to BaziFIT. Find the perfect trainer now and achieve your goals today!

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