BaziFIT is a complete virtual personal training system.
Our sensor technology makes traditional gym equipment smart.
Adaptive algorithms and real-world expertise from fitness
professionals combine to make workouts customized for you.

The world’s first, truly personal, virtual training system.


Get better data by attaching the BaziFIT sensor directly onto gym equipment.


Analyze every movement and see real-time scoring as you work out.


A real-life personal trainer builds routines and workouts customized for you.


Track form and correct posture with instant feedback and live coaching.


BaziFIT uses adaptive algorithms and machine learning to bring you performance information.
We combine that data with the real-world expertise of personal trainers.
BaziFIT gives you the customized insights needed to push past your goals.


Record each rep and get analytics on every set.


Track 9 directions of every movement.


Every vibration is captured to calculate your overall levels of rest and fatigue.


Get real-time feedback on posture and weight recommendations.


Improve your neuromuscular efficiency and reduce injury potential.


Quantify your body's overall strength and agility.

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Equipment integration

The BaziFIT sensor is integrated directly onto gym equipment.
This allows us to collect more accurate data on every movement of every workout.
Your personal trainer gives truly personal feedback and builds customized workouts.


free weight exercises

Monitor form, balance and overall control on barbell exercises.


balance exercises

Measure 9 directions of movement to take your balance workouts to the next level.


suspension cord exercises

Vibration sensitivity gives accurate feedback and coaching for suspension cables.

Cable machines and dumbbells coming soon!
Our team is working hard to add more equipment and exercises.



The BaziFIT App connects you to personal trainers, collects and analyzes data, and provides a virtual training experience.
Get the full personal training experience by selecting a trainer and inputing your goals and health metrics.
In a time crunch? Load a quick workout with Workout of the Day or the Workout Library.

iOS App coming very soon!

The Android app is in development and will be released later this year.

Coming Soon.
apple store image
In Development.
Andriod play store image

Work out your way

Your pace, your place. On-the-go or planned routines anytime and anywhere.

Choose your trainer

World class trainers, specialized coaching and professional training at your fingertips.

Plan your workouts

Choose from complete programs and routines or quick, single-session workouts and progressions.

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Manage your profile

Create your account and set your goals and health metrics.

Real-time feedback

Know how you are doing instantly! Data is collected and analyzed while you work out.

Track your progress

See how you did on every exercise and workout. Evaluate your score, form and movements.

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Train Like Never before

Get professional insights with data directly from your gym equipment.
Stay engaged and accountable with coaching from your personal trainer.
Don’t fill out worksheets. Train with your data.

Choose your Trainer

Browse trainer profiles for personalities and specialties that suit your fitness goals.

Connect like never before

Send real workout data and get coaching based on your analytics and metrics.

BaziFIT Workout Library

Collaborate with your trainer on your next workout or design one yourself anytime.



The BaziFIT sensor is a revolutionary new fitness device that attaches to your training equipment.
By doing so, we can track and analyze better data and give you actionable feedback.

Equipment Integration

Designed to fit various styles of equipment, BaziFIT is versatile and adaptable.

Bluetooth TM Connectivity

Connect easily with BluetoothTM access.

Long Lasting Battery

A next-generation Lithium Polymer battery powers through your workouts and charges quickly.

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  • image of bazifit device
  • image of bazifit device
  • image of bazifit device

Visual Feedback

Our unique visual feedback system is powered by high-efficency LEDs and instantly shows your progress.

Adapter Attachments

You’ve got options with magnets, non-slip strap and balance ball adapters.


Designed to take a beating in and out of the gym.

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